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Digital Mailbox

Digital mailbox users get a digital mailbox number at your address location, where their mail is received and digitally inserted into the system via a photo from a smart phone or scanner and quickly uploaded. Users…

  • Are alerted via auto-email when they have new mail, know exactly what they have in their mailbox and who sent each item, no matter where they are in the U.S. or the world.
  • Can use any laptop, tablet or smartphone to forward or consolidate mail and packages, request a document scan to receive a PDF in their mailbox for immediate viewing, shred or recycle unwanted items, add a phone or fax number, and deposit checks.
  • Get real time shipping quotes using your shipping rates for the carriers and services that you want to offer and set the ship date they want for each item, or consolidate mail or packages to save on shipping.
  • Can digitally archive scanned mail content or upload documents to the cloud storage system.
  • Can identify and block junk mail from cluttering their mailbox and recycle unwanted items for a greener environment.
  • Will think of their digital mailbox as an indispensable part of their daily life, and connect with your mail center on a daily basis.


Other Services

Other Available Services...

  • Ebay Auction Listing Services
  • We do it all, photos, description, payment processing and of course packaging and shipping
  • 5 Years experience with Ebay
  • 100% Positive Feedback Rating with over 2000 feedback
  • Any item with an expected value of $50 or more
  • 25% Commission, lower than dedicated Ebay reseller stores
  • Lower commissions for items with $1000 or higher final sale price.

Just drop your items and we take care of the rest!
Nervous about making a purchase on Ebay or other websites? We also offer Ebay and online buying consultation.
Craigslist Posting Services.

We also offer ad posting services for Craigslist. This is a local, pickup only, classified style selling service. Commission varies based on the item

Home Moves Photos and Slide transferred to DVD & Blu –Ray

  • No more projectors or screens. No more burnt out bulbs, broken belts or chewed film. With our film to dvd process that includes 8mm to DVD, you can now view your family's home movies with the convenience of DVD.
  • After Image Video Productions, Inc. offers
  • High quality on all film to dvd transfers
  • 8mm to DVD
  • 16mm to DVD
  • Super 8mm to DVD

Slides to DVD | Powerpoint to DVD

Now you can watch your family slides without the hassles of projectors or screens. Viewing past vacations, weddings, and other special events is now as simple as watching a movie on your DVD player.
When you transfer slides to DVD, any slide format can be transferred. Metal, glass, cardboard, stereo slides or other; we accept all formats of slides.
Slides are set to music. Each slide is held on screen for approximately 7 seconds before dissolving into the next. Package includes dissolves between slides and free music. Approximately 1,000 slides will fit on a 2-hour DVD

Secure Document Shredding

Security Site Assessment — A Cintas Security Professional will provide a consultation to uncover your document management needs to determine what type of shredding services will work best for your business.

Container Size & Placement — During the initial assessment of your shredding needs, Security Professionals will determine the optimal size and placement of containers at your facilities.

Regular Service — Off site shredding containers are serviced at regular intervals by a Cintas Security Service Representative to ensure timely destruction of sensitive documents and records.

Recycling — All shredded paper documents Cintas handles are recycled as part of our commitment to improving the environment.

National Service — Cintas Document Management services over 95% of the United States

Passport Photos

Passport Photos while you wait!

  • Two photos per set—ready for your passport application
  • FOID Photos
  • Visa Photos
  • International Drivers License Photos


Freight & Air Cargo

Got something that’s too big, too heavy, or too weird to put in a box and send via FedEx, UPS, or US Mail? Don’t worry—we can ship anything, anywhere (as long as it’s legal). We specialize in freight, LTL (less than a full truckload), and air cargo shipping.  Our professional packaging services ensure safe arrival of any item big or small. We can crate and/or palletize. We offer ltl (less than truckload) service with most major freight companies including UPS Freight.

We can ship:

  • Furniture
  • Cars
  • Heavy equipment
  • Large artwork
  • Computer Systems
  • Auto Parts
  • Entire Households
  • Medical Equipment

You name it, We can ship it!

Call or email us for an estimate

Fax Services


Send or Receive your faxes here!

  • Incoming
  • Domestic Local OR Long Distance
  • International
  • No Charge for the cover page